Vacuum Sealer Uses

Vacuum Seal food
Vacuum Sealed food stays fresh up to 5 times longer than traditional methods.

Protect Important Documents
from water & flood damage.

Sending Cookies to the Troops
Bake some cookies and send them to our troops.

Protecting LP Record Collections
Use the 15" vacuum seal bags, and seal up your important record collections.


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Our Pro-2100 and PRO-2300 sealers are covered under the manufacturer's one year warranty.

Any returns should be requested within 15 days of reciept of order, and may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. We are sorry, but due to FDA regulations, we cannot accept open boxes of bags. is part of the RSAA Vacuum Sealer and Bags Network
Other RSAA sites include: - Packaging more than 200 bags a week?
Learn about Chamber Vacuum Sealers at the chamber sealer video learning center. - Learn the tips and tricks to Vacuum Sealing
from the ebook The Complete Vacuum Sealer Guide.
VP 210 Chamber Sealer

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